Journal Entry 006


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Things have been pretty exciting lately! First off, my brand new candle design (featured here) is officially launching Friday! I'm super grateful to be given the opportunity to design a candle label and work collaboratively with such a cool company. I've also added a new design page to the site where I'm starting to feature portfolio pieces of my hand lettering, as well as a new page of all the recommended items I list in my journal entries so you're now able to shop the feed.  Outside of that, I've spent hours working on lettering on two large wooden headboard-turned-welcome-signs for an upcoming wedding. I'll share some pictures on here soon! In the meantime, check out my loving + gratitude lists, as well as the preview pics of the candle design (courtesy of @brittanyviklund).

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What I'm loving lately 

the breakthrough research that sick kids is conducting on anaphylaxis
why marriage isn't about compatibility - it's about unity
why setting healthy boundaries is paramount

this hand/body cream that saves my life once the weather gets cold
this article argues that love and success aren't mutually exclusive
the four-step checklist to a minimalist room
the modern love column by the new york times

the ultimate guide to cruelty free makeup
stunning cabins that will get you in the fall mood
my all-time fav acrylic paint marker
this powerful essential oil blend that smells wonderful

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What I'm grateful for

crisp days + cool evenings
fresh basil

introvert time
my health
a lack of noise
books I can’t put down
early nights + early mornings

salt lamps
cozy moccasins

feeling profoundly heard


Words to use more often

melded:  blended, combined, merged, amalgamated, mingled
incumbent:  compulsory, necessary, occupant, binding, official
coalesce:  to grow together or into one body; to unite, to blend or fuse
abrogated:  to abolish by formal means; annul by  authoritative act; end
slovenly:  in an untidy, careless, or slipshod manner; messy



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hope you're enjoying your week
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