Journal Entry 007



So, the past two weeks have been nothing short of insane.  My new candle design has launched with the Candle Creative (photo below) and I'm SO excited + honoured to have my work featured on one of their candles. (PS - If you're interested in buying a sweater weather candle, you can do so here.)

Outside of that, I successfully navigated the process of first-time home buying and let me tell you, I get why people develop grey hair as they age. I think the most daunting thing of all though, is how great of an unknown the whole process is. Once you wade through it and get to shore, it's a lot less intimidating and overwhelming than previously anticipated. And although it's a stressful process, I'm grateful to be at a point in my life where buying a home is now realistic.

Before presenting my new loving + gratitude lists, I'd like to just add that as mentioned in my previous journal entry, I've added a new design page where I'm starting to feature portfolio pieces of my hand lettering. In addition, I've also created a new page comprising all the recommended items I list in my journal entries so you're now able to shop the feed

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What I'm loving lately 

my fav white acrylic lettering paint for regular or craft paper
this infographic reflecting the Gottman Institute's studies on marriage
how establishing a love mapping practice with your partner enhances connection
this honey-toffee shampoo bar by Lush is my new go-to
this wise take on unrequited and long-lost love
this new book by brené brown that i'm just dying to read
this article that confronts the struggles surrounding establishing healthy boundaries
learning about the differences between soy and paraffin wax
why dating in your twenties is terrible
this clothing brand that i'm utterly obsessed with  

** to shop the feed, click here. 


What I'm grateful for

a deep sense of belonging
sweater weather
loud purrs and excited meows
always staying curious
maintaining firm boundaries
unearthing resilience when facing adversity
independence that fosters connection
maple syrup on everything

taking responsibility for self-preservation
a lack of clutter in mind and environment

having something to say and the ability to say it
exceeding my own expectations
unwavering trust + support


Words to use more often

sordid: morally ignoble or base, meanly selfish, self-seeking, or mercenary;
secular: of or relating to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; 
vile: highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable, repulsive to the senses or feelings, morally despicable; 
burdensome: oppressively heavy, onerous, distressing, troublesome, difficult, arduous;
nihilism: total rejection of established laws and institutions, anarchy, destruction of oneself; 



For change to occur in us, we must be willing to enter the wilderness of the unknown and to wander in unfamiliar territory, directionless and often in the darkness....We do not need to keep every little thing under control. In fact, we find ourselves only by allowing some falling apart to happen.



hope you're enjoying your week
be back soon,