Journal Entry 011



Although we're only midway through the month of January, I can honestly say it hasn't been anything short of a trying time. I've even been struggling to write (despite having tons of things to write out of me) and haven't been very active on social media. In fact, outside of doing work that I can't put off, I haven't been able to catch up on much else, including other work, hobbies, rest and sleep. Which only means that the remainder of the month will be a time for slowing down, practicing self-care and checking items off my list that got pushed aside. 

For me, self-care looks like having alone time, reading a book, cleaning the house and taking care of my body. Primarily, that means eating well, drinking more and spending the time to really nourish my skin. And because I've been exhausted and stressed, I decided to step up my skincare game. I discovered through this site that one of my biggest skincare problems was sebaceous filaments, not blackheads.

I then began implementing an oil cleansing routine as well as introducing BHAs into my regimen and I can honestly say my skin hasn't looked better, despite how poorly it should/could be looking right now. People are even starting to notice and have been commenting on its "glow". (PS - I've listed my current fav skincare products below for those of you who are interested.

Outside of that, what's really hit home this past month is just how precious our time here really is. In spirit of that, I'm making a conscious effort to stop entertaining negativity in my life. I want to resolve any conflict, whether that looks like fixing an issue or cutting ties. It's just not worth the time wasted. 

Wishing you all a great week; please feel free to share this post and leave a comment below! 



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facial oils
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coconut soy wax candles
building a home
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Misnomer: a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation, an error in naming a person or thing;
Tyranny: arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power, despotic abuse of authority, dictatorship; 
Gregarious: fond of the company of others, sociable, pertaining to crowds; 
Outlier: someone who stands apart from others, nonconformist, maverick, original, eccentric, outsider;
Visceral: proceeding from instinct rather than intellect, dealing with coarse or base emotions, earthy. 



Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.
— Greg McKeown

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