Journal Entry 012



February has already been one of my favourite months of 2018 and it's only half-finished. 

I had an absolutely perfect birthday spent celebrating with family and my wonderful fiancé. Twenty-nine feels great and I feel more youthful now than I have in a long time. 

In terms of the house, we set up our bedroom this month with a brand new 5-piece wooden set and are preparing for an at-home office coming in the next few weeks. We're really mastering the art of the "rustic vibe" with all the wood in our home but the earthiness feels so wonderful. From the get-go, I wanted a minimal space; white walls, wood furniture and the green of plants as an accent colour. 

I wake up every morning and feel gratitude for the beautiful space I have the privilege of living in, and for the people I keep close. Both my cats have truly embraced this as their new home - they're happier and more social than ever. Even my plants are thriving despite the fact that we're in the middle of winter and thus aren't privy to much sunlight here in Northern Ontario. 

Also, happy Valentine's Day to those of you celebrating. I've included a promo for Cake Beauty if anyone is seeking a little self-care pampering on this day of love. I've also added a playlist on Spotify that I've put together of songs I've been into this month for your listening pleasure. And if you scroll to the bottom of the post, my to-read booklist is included for reading inspiration. 

Wishing you all a great week; please feel free to share this post and leave a comment below! 



feb 2018 playlist:



this video that shows the process that goes into making unique wood cell phone cases
this article that describes how you can keep the spark alive in long-term relationships
this netflix series that features an episode researching peanut allergies
this infographic about gratitude and how it relates to our health

the fact that there exists bonsai trees that are from the juniper family
this video about the four horsemen that will break down a romantic relationship  
this list of the 20 best drawing apps for ipad pro
this breakdown of people-pleasing behaviour and some advice on how to overcome it
this list of six things you must quit doing in order to be successful

this article that describes how to care for an introvert



brush pens
marina wool socks
a hot cup of coffee
board game nights with friends
positive feedback
quiet evenings at home
feeling appreciated and valued
taking risks and reaping rewards

feeling balanced
real hardwood floors
keeping a small group of close friends
having a renewed sense of purpose




Futile: incapable of producing any result, ineffective, useless, not successful, trifling, frivolous, unimportant;
Mercurial: changeable; volatile, fickle, flighty, erratic. animated, lively, sprightly, quick-witted;
Akin: allied by nature, having the same properties, having or showing an affinity, kindred;
Immersive: relating to activity that occupies most of one's attention, time, or energy; being absorbed by;
Ardour: great warmth of feeling, fervor, passion, intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm, zeal.



Modern life seems set up so that we can avoid loneliness at all costs, but maybe it’s worthwhile to face it occasionally. The further we push aloneness away, the less are we able to cope with it, and the more terrifying it gets.
— Michael Finkel

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