Journal Entry 015



Since coming back from vacation, I've spent the past few weeks getting back into the swing of things. Fortunately the weather has been nothing but gorgeous and so everyone seems to be excited for summer. My plants are growing like crazy now that the sun is out consistently, and I'm looking forward to doing some gardening outside soon.  

I've been brewing up some projects for the coming weeks, including a new article about how to deal with difficult people, as well as something new and exciting over at The Goddess Rebellion - so stay tuned for updates!

In terms of books, I'm still working on Book #8 of 2018: Quiet by Susan Cain. This book centers around introversion and how, despite the fact that its benefits are often overlooked in today's society, there are still so many assets to investing in introverts. As I strongly identify as an introvert (INFJ to be more precise) this subject matter was a compelling one from the get-go. 

A big game-changer for me lately has been setting up my own home office. I feel much more productive when I can be organized and have space to really focus. I think what I love most is that I can amalgamate my two great loves, writing and lettering/design into one room. I have all my resources for writing work, as well as all my art supplies in the same space. 

Speaking of art supplies, my most recent haul has been focused on staple tools that I was missing - I'll link them all at the bottom of this section. I bought a laser level, a cutting mat, a paper cutter and silica grit erasers. The level and mat together help me to practice hand lettering across a straight line, which is such an easy trick of the trade. 

The paper cutter originally felt unnecessary to purchase, but I can't tell you how many times I wished I could have one instead of cutting with scissors (and never quite getting the cut straight enough). It'll be especially useful since I make all my birthday and Christmas cards by hand. And finally, the grit eraser helps to remove pencil (even colored pencil) much more efficiently than my traditional rubber erasers. 

Well, that about sums up my entry! Enjoy the rest of May, and until the next time. 




What I'm loving lately

how relationship jealousy impacts your mental health
the problem of shame and how to untangle it

this story about egypt, rodents and the love of a cat
rihanna on body image, turning 30, and staying real
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the point of marriage is not happiness, it's growth

this sunscreen brand is my new ride or die daily sun protection
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six illustrations that show what it's like in an introvert's head
twenty-three female TED speakers and the books that shaped them



backyard birds
the kindness of strangers
neighborhood walks
standing my ground
sunshine and warmth
art projects
establishing roots
going slowly
belly laughs

renovating the house
getting into a state of flow



Not being understood may be taken as a sign that there is much in one to understand.
— Alain de Botton


Satiety: the state of being satiated, surfeit, satisfied, as one's appetite or desire, to the point of boredom;
Sardonically: characterized by bitter or scornful derision, mocking, cynical, sneering;
Zeal: fervor for a person, cause, or object, eager desire or endeavor, enthusiastic diligence, ardor;
Austere: severe in manner or appearance, uncompromising, rigorously self-disciplined and severely moral;
Proclivity: natural or habitual inclination or tendency, propensity, predisposition;

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