Journal Entry 017

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So July has been one hell of a ride.

I can say one thing for sure: I don't think anything ever really prepares you for an emergency, especially when it's with someone close to you. No amount of ruminating or worrying ever gets to the truth of what you'll experience, and you never really know how to feel or act when the time comes.

And I think that's a universal experience - at least I've noticed it within my circle and throughout the conversations I've had lately. The whole process toys with your brain, plays with your emotions and  shakes you to the core. It's not linear at all. And that's all part of it. 

The past few weeks have also sent home the notion that everyone goes through hardships, and it reminded me to always offer people support in any way I can. I used to be of the camp to not want to be a further burden to someone when they were experiencing a crisis. But after receiving countless messages of support from friends and family these past few weeks, it's been heartwarming and to be quite honest, a welcome distraction and reminder of the outside world. It's nice to know people care about me, even if there's genuinely nothing they can say or do that'll change my circumstances.

And distractions aren't necessarily a bad thing when used productively. Everyone needs to focus on something else once in awhile, and we can choose to distract ourselves with healthy or unhealthy things. Sometimes getting back into a routine, going out and running errands, or spending time with friends and family are just the types of distractions we need to make sure we don't get stir-crazy during a crisis. But I think it's important to remember that whatever it is we're avoiding will still be there when we return. 

It's nice to come home to take care of my cats and houseplants. I've added a few new additions to the plant fam: a second peach-coloured orchid and a little peperomia clusifolia named “jellie” that I rescued form a Walmart out of the city. I can't explain the feeling of seeing a plant you want to take home and vowing to never let it look as parched and neglected as it was when you first found it. I guess it's my version of picking up strays. 

And I've also been focusing on reading books - I'm on #10 of 2018. I just finished Caroline Knapp's book Appetites, and have transitioned to Mary Karr's book The Liar's Club. I find there's nothing better than escaping into someone else's written world for awhile when you really need to get out of your own head. And so I've included my reading list below for your enjoyment - each book is linked so you can purchase a copy of your own.

Enjoy the rest of the month!




What I'm loving lately

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this haunting song about fighting against your DNA
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new growth
telling the truth
friends who check in
tim horton's at any hour
the ability to feel a wide range of emotions
adequate sleep and sufficient rest

acoustic covers of classic songs
a new generation and hope for the future  
a family who rallies together
finishing a good book
the therapeutic nature of pets
coming home
getting back into routine




Trouble is invisible to itself.


Saccharine: sugary, very sweet to the taste, exaggeratedly sweet or sentimental.
Nuance: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.
Ostensible: outwardly appearing as such, professed, pretended, apparent or evident.
Insatiable: incapable of being satisfied or appeased.
Eminently: highly, very, to a notable degree, exceedingly.

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