Journal Entry 018



Things have been a little crazy around here in the past month but I've been trying to slow down, practice self-care and go with the flow (trust me, that's not my natural inclination). It's been a real reminder that life is short and that our time here must be used well. 

My house is looking more and more green as of late. My indoor plants are thriving and I can't wait to spend more time gardening in my yard outside. Due to the weather we had this summer, and the fact that it was a total write-off for me, my lawn has been a little less than enthusiastic. 

In terms of books, I'm now on #12 of 2018. I absolutely devoured Mary Karr's book The Liar's Club and have transitioned to her equally-enthralling book, Lit. And right after finishing her first book, I ordered Mary Karr's The Art of Memoir and added it atop my to-read list. 

And so I've included my reading list below for your enjoyment - each book is linked so you can purchase a copy of your own.

Enjoy the rest of the month!




What I'm loving lately

the confessions of a seduction addict
how to work while grieving
teaching younger kids to be activists

the only lipstick shade I buy again and again
the lie that perfectionists tell themselves

mary karr shares what it takes to write a good memoir
a list of things to write about when you're all out of ideas
this acoustic rendition of fire and rain by james taylor

this guide to setting healthy boundaries in relationships
what happens when schools overlook introverts
how losing a parent will forever change you
this hauntingly beautiful song that I've only just heard for the first time   



hobbies that keep my hands busy
having enough time to take the time
friends who show up across distance and years

people who are always on your side
catching a glimpse of a shooting star
leaning in and feeling it all
childhood relics and memories
listening to really loud music

quiet evenings at home
a kinfolk, minimalist home
finally having those much-needed conversations



For a good story told often enough puts you in rooms never occupied.


Extrapolate: to infer (an unknown) from something that is known.
Effervescent: bubbling, vivacious, merry, lively, sparkling.
Affable: pleasantly easy to approach and to talk to, friendly, warmly polite. 
Beguiled: to influence by trickery, mislead, delude, to take away from by cheating or deceiving.
Atrophy: degeneration, decline or decrease, as from disuse.

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