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Reflections on THE MONTH OF APRIL 

So... April has been one crazy month. 

Most of the past month has revolved around preparing for my trip to Florida, as I mentioned in my latest journal entry. I left my house at 5:30am on the 14th of April and drove 3.5 hours to Toronto in order to catch my flight out. Just my luck - my trip to Toronto happened to coincide with one of the worst ice storms of the year, but luckily I made it into the city safely.

Despite a 3-hour delay, my flight finally landed in Tampa Bay, FL. I was then picked up and driven to the Air BnB we were staying at, located in the city of Indian Rocks Beach, FL. I've included some pictures below that I took of Indian Rocks Beach while walking around the area: 

The first few days of my trip were spent shopping and exploring - I got to visit an Ulta Beauty store (which we don't have here in Canada) and was elated to finally purchase some beauty products that aren't available where I live. These purchases consisted mostly of products made in Korea, but also included some from the US. (By the way: I've compiled a list of the products I'm loving lately below for your shopping pleasure.)

Other than a bad sunburn and a wickedly itchy heat rash (because I underestimated just how much hotter the sun is in Florida), I had a wonderful trip and met some of the most fantastic women out there. It really sent home the notion that connecting with strong, intelligent and dynamic women in a vulnerable way is so important for me. I'd been deeply missing it in my life and I brought a lot back with me from the experience.

This trip taught me that: 

  • Authenticity translates in every language and in each geographical location. 
  • It's okay to not always have your shit together, so there's no use in pretending you do.
  • Despite evident differences, it's surprising how many similarities you can share.
  • I cannot tolerate zinc lozenges - consuming them will make me vomit all night. 
  • I missed pine trees and should always reside in a location where I can view them daily.

Wishing you all a wonderful month of May! 


Lettering + Design Updates

What kind of girls trip would it be if we didn't have an art project? Not one I'd like to be on, that's for sure. So when I was approached to help organize the project, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
(To see more of my design work, visit my design page. ) 

We headed to the Blick Art Materials and the Lowe's in Tampa, FL and grabbed all the ingredients for a day of lettering: sand paper, minwax wood stain, posca paint pens, paint tape, water-soluble pencils and all purpose varnish spray. 


Writing updates

An article I helped write was published recently in the Gainesville HOME Magazine - you can read the entire article right here


Curated by yours truly - hope you enjoy! 

Monthly Wallpaper Download

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