February Faithful



Can you believe it's already February? 

This happens to be my favourite month of the year, primarily because it's the month I was born. Yes, that's right: during the first week of February, you'll also find my birthday and this year, I'll be celebrating turning 25 for the 4th time (ha!). It's my final year as a twenty-something and I've gotta admit, despite a few grey hairs you'd never know it (and I sure don't feel it). 

Highlights of the past month include a lot of time spent renovating our new (old) home, tons of time hanging out with friends, and a constant flow of busy evenings devoted to working online. I've also completed some commissioned work including logo designs, calligraphy prints and lettering on wood signs. 

I also got pretty busy doing some staining in my kitchen because my workroom is unfortunately downstairs, and our basement is facing some serious renovations. 

I can't wait to build my home office in our spare bedroom and eventually save up enough money to welcome a new imac. It's been a dream of mine forever to invest in a desktop mac for all my design work and I'm hoping to finally to bite the bullet this year. 

Other than that, I'm currently reading the book "A State of Affairs" by Esther Perel. Infidelity is a learning curve for me and I find it very interesting to find out more about how the vicissitudes of long-term relationships can sometimes foray into affairs. 

I'm also reading "The Sun And Her Flowers" by Rupi Kaur and it's a wonderful little book; her poetry always goes straight to the heart for me. Although her writing is simple and perfectly conversational, it really conveys meaning beyond most else. Also, stay tuned for more book recommendations because I suspect receiving some new ones for my birthday! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog post and happy February everyone! 



lettering + DESIGN updates

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writing updates

After a brief hiatus, I present you with my latest article (about moving on and letting go): 



And why we just can’t let go of someone who doesn’t want us anymore.


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