Graceful April

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Reflections on THE MONTH OF MARCH 

Where to begin. Well, I spent most of the month with a relentless eye twitch because I was knee-deep in more photoshop design than I’m accustomed to. At one point, both eyes were twitching at the same time (but opposite parts of each eye). I felt like it was a total face takeover and I was powerless to its grasp. 

I'm glad it's finally subsiding.

Another feat from the past month: my fiancé and I got ourselves into a friendly book-reading competition. In fact, we're currently tied and both reading our 6th book of the year, which by no means is overly impressive but I mean, it’s a feat I’m pretty proud of.

I'm reading Stephen King's On Writing at the moment and I'm absolutely loving it. What I enjoy most about King's writing is that he can speak his truth without wavering. He’s confident (not arrogant), funny, and he has something important to say.

I had no idea prior to beginning this book that he was a recovering addict, which only further adds to why I'm into this book so much. What you might not know about me is that I’ve got a penchant for recovery memoirs; I just find there’s so much wisdom from someone who can turn their whole life around and live to tell it so eloquently.

King's book also inspired me to purchase two more books to help with my own writing: Strunk and White’s Elements of Style as well as Susan Therman’s The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need.  

Lettering + Design Updates

Here are some projects (mainly for clients) that I've been working on lately. More and more, people have been approaching me to design their branding and logos, which is at once wonderful & a complex feat. As a self-taught designer, I reserve these requests as side projects when I have the time and capacity to do so. I'm able to choose which projects I can take, and therefore can allocate the energy and intention into one or two designs at a time.  

I try to really get into the mindset and brand of the person/company I'm working with, in order to bring their particular vision to life. It doesn't matter what medium of art or style I prefer - a logo is such a personal representation of a brand, and so it's very important that I can meet the client where they're at and bring to life whatever feeling and visual aesthetic they're looking for.  It's all about meaning and emotion with this kind of art. 

I'm also especially grateful to have been working with and for some like-minded (and local!) female entrepreneurs. When I connect with the brand and the person behind it, the whole process seems to just flow. 

To see more of my work, visit my design page. 

Writing updates

The more I read, the better (and more often) I tend to write. And so it's unsurprising that I've had two articles published this month as well as one republished on YourTango (which you can read here). The first article I wrote, Searching For "The One", was a request on behalf of someone who follows me on Medium. He messaged me and asked if I would write about "oneitis" because he was finding it difficult to stop calling his ex "the one", which caused him to stay stuck in the past.

Article number two, Fixing Other People's Problems, is a direct result of the frustration and resentment that "fixing people" leaves me with. After stumbling upon this great article by Brianna Wiest, I've finally started understanding some of the reasons why I engage in this habit, which of course is helping me to stop doing so. 

Here are two articles that have been published this past month:  




It would be easy to think all you ever had to do was to just find “The One.” Your soulmate. Your other half. 




AND Why it leaves us with more of our own. 

I’ve been having these moments where something bothers me about a friend or family member’s behavior. What they’re doing is nothing new, but the fact that I’m taking issue with it is.

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