January Renewal


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Since my last journal entry, I’ve somehow managed to keep myself both busy and relaxed. Given the crazy year I’ve had, I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in very low-key fashion with friends and family. 

The Christmas holidays seem to be the one time of year where I really try to unplug for awhile and take some actual time off work (instead of just booking vacation days and working on another job instead). This year, that recharge was needed more than ever.

Highlights of 2017 on a personal and professional level include buying a house, helping to launch a startup, and really enhancing my approach to entrepreneurship. Despite tons of accomplishments, I still find myself torn a lot of the time between what I have to do and what I wish I could do. Can anyone else relate to this? 

As there are only a finite number of hours in a day, and seeing as I’m always juggling a few different hats, I often find myself wishing I had more time to spend focused on mastering one thing instead of always harnessing the energy to be *half decent* at twenty different things. 

I think the biggest pull for me comes from wanting to expand my lettering and design practice while simultaneously needing to increase my sessions spent creatively writing. That said, it’s also a blessing to have the ability to even be mediocre at both and so I shouldn't complain about it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish I had more hours in the day to do what I love doing, but that in and of itself shouldn’t take away from the fact that I even have the privilege to do it in the first place.

Other than that, I finished a book over the holidays by Caroline Knapp titled “The Merry Recluse” that I can't recommend enough. Reading her collection of journal-style entries left me with an eloquent sense of kinship. So much of what she discusses in her writing (such as her love of keeping her house spotless, her insatiable desire to be alone in her space, and her poignant point of view on everything from politics to people named Dave) made me feel like I was reading my own internal dialogue.

The ability to recognize in another the feelings we feel (and fear) are ours alone is truly moving, never mind transformative, when the other person completely owns who they are and even embraces their idiosyncrasies. That's Caroline Knapp in a nutshell, and I wish she were still alive today so that I could consume even more of her wonderful books. 

Oh, I also recently signed up for amazon prime and so many of my recent purchases, whether gifts for Christmas or for myself, were acquired through the site. I listed some of my current December favourites below for your research and ordering pleasure.

Enjoy, and happy new year! 


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Wishing you all a bright & prosperous 2018!