March Enamored




For whatever reason, the month of March always makes me think of bright green foliage sprouting up through the snow. And I say "for whatever reason" because living in Northern Ontario has never afforded me the pleasure of witnessing a spring season that started so early. But there's always hope nonetheless. 

This past month has really sent home the notion of gratitude and it's also been a great reminder to be intentional with how we treat people.

If someone shows up authentically in how they relate to me, especially in business, I'm much more inclined to recommend them to others. And I always appreciate when people return the favour. It's great to see that in action, too. Word of mouth and relationships are really what drive us forward. 

Otherwise, I'm currently reading the book Blackout by Sarah Hepola and I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy to consume her writing is. I definitely recommend reading it, there's nothing like learning the intricate workings of someone else's mind and discovering all the ways in which we're all fundamentally similar at the end of the day. 

Highlights of the past month include celebrating my birthday and visiting the ice follies on Marathon Beach, Lake Nipissing (pictures below). 

I hope you enjoy the blog post and happy March everyone! 



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There are a lot of different types of love. 

There’s love that likes to defy you, and there’s love that seeks to define you. There’s love that hides and denies you, and there’s love that boasts and brags about you.


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