November Chill



October has now come and gone, and it's been a busy one for sure. We moved into our new home and we're slowly starting to organize and settle in, although I suspect it'll take a few months before we're totally finished (but does the work ever really end, let's be honest). A few things I've noticed since moving into our home: 

  • I had no idea how much sunlight I was missing, having always lived in basement apartments;
  • I'd much rather hear house noises than human noises (the last place we rented was a semi-detached); 
  • Living in a neighborhood where people care about their neighbors is very refreshing; 
  • I can't wait to garden and plant flowers all around, but I have a lot to learn yet; 
  • It's so neat that there are trees in our yard - especially a beautiful little maple that showed me its lovely yellow and orange leaves.

In spirit of the new home, I wanted to show you a snap of my living room and the little rustic touches I'm starting to implement (that's as far as my decor skills go). 

my new living room ( look at all that sunlight !) 

my new living room (look at all that sunlight!) 

slate coasters i had to grab for my rustic coffee table (find them   here  ). 

slate coasters i had to grab for my rustic coffee table (find them here). 

I also wanted to introduce you to our two puppy cats - Maverick (left) & Willow (right). They're both of the Ragdoll breed, Maverick being a blue lynx bi-color, and Willow being a solid lilac. Luckily, they really seem to be enjoying the new place, too. They've been enthusiastically practicing the art of light-following these past few weeks, making sure to out squeeze every ounce of sunlight they can. 

Anyway, now that you have a better idea of what I've been up to at home, let's get down to business. Work has been steady with requests coming in for lettering on wood and logo designs. I have a ton of projects in mind for the future, I've just got to carve out the time to plan and execute them all. Most days I wish I could clone myself so that I could get work AND play done simultaneously. I'm also planning to create some holiday-themed pieces, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming few months.

Now it's time for some lettering + writing updates as well as your free monthly wallpaper download! 








What it really means to be caught in the intricate web of “just friends”…



As per usual, click on the link you want below and save that baby! Lettering was drawn by hand and designs are for personal use only.

Choose one, or download all three if you wish. Enjoy + share!



Wishing you a warm & cozy month - 

With love,