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The month of November was all about slowing down for me, and now that we’re easing into December I’m so excited to spend some much-needed (and hard to come by) quality time with my family & friends.

November also brought all the Black Friday deals, which I’m just now starting to take a look at with a different perspective. I’ve been a bit more mindful with my consumption lately and am checking in with myself in regards to what I purchase. And all the advertising and marketing that flooded my inbox only turned me off and encouraged me to unsubscribe from many newsletters and emails. Outside of one item that’s been on my calendar for months waiting for its sale (hint: I’m an avid vacuum cleaner enthusiast) and a couple Christmas gifts, there’s nothing I really needed to buy.

Speaking of Christmas - I’ve generally been a huge fan of the holiday, but things got a little complicated when my parents split up 5 years ago, and when I began splitting my time between my family and my fiance’s about 4 years ago. This holiday marks the first one without my Dad, and so Christmas is taking on a whole new meaning once again.


In terms of reading: after finishing Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir and Cait Flanders’ The Year of Less (check out last month’s blog post for my thoughts on each), I decided to pick up Gail Caldwell’s Let’s Take The Long Way Home. And oh, I’m so grateful I did.

Caldwell was best friends with one of my favourite authors of all time, Caroline Knapp. Unfortunately, Knapp died in her early forties from a short but intense battle with lung cancer, cutting her life, writing career, and relationships short. Caldwell wrote this book as a memoir to their friendship.

She chronicled the story of their lives spent alongside one another, described their mutual love for their dogs, and recalled Knapp’s battle with cancer in harrowing detail. The book is beautifully written and, much like Knapp’s own writing style, it’s also infused with an exquisite prose.

Once I finished reading Caldwell’s book, I picked up one of the few remaining pieces of writing by Knapp that I hadn’t yet read, her book about dogs named A Pack of Two. Though I haven’t finished it yet, this book is a beautiful analysis of the relationship between people and dogs, particularly people like Knapp who describes her dog Lucille as the love of her life.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the month ahead. Other than my fiance and I taking a few weeks off for the holidays, we’re also flying out of town for his workplace Christmas party. There’s nothing like a weekend away in a hotel, spending time exploring a new city with old friends. Plus, who doesn’t love a Christmas party?

Absence is a house so vast that inside, you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air.
—Pablo Neruda

Also: As mentioned in last month’s blog post, I’m now only doing one monthly post (where I share a little bit of everything I was doing before, but more condensed). More quality, less quantity.

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My most recent article is a practical approach to the five stages of grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. In it, I discuss how each stage showed up in my life, and even included a few extra stages that aren’t part of the infamous five. I hope you enjoy it!


THE 5 stages of grief

A practical approach.



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