March | Growth And Renewal


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MONTHLY Reflections:

February was a big month - I turned 30 years old on the 2nd, which was a real milestone in and of itself. I can tell you one thing though, the past year has really aged me.


I finally finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed and though it took me a little longer than I’d like to admit, it was a powerful and transformative read.

My next book to read this year is called Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion, a 1968 collection of journalistic essays describing the author’s experiences during this historic time in California. I love it already because I adore the way that Didion writes, and I have a huge learning gap when it comes to the past, so this book is not only a pleasure to read but also very interesting.

I also just booked my first all-inclusive trip! In April, we’ll be setting off for a week in Playa Del Carmen, on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. I couldn’t be in more dire need of a break. All I want to do is eat, sleep, read and relax on the beach. I never truly understood why people (especially us Canadians) went away somewhere hot every year, but now I get it.


It’s about getting some sunshine and vitamin D we’ve been lacking all winter, and recharging our batteries. It’s about de-stressing and unplugging. It’s about reconnecting with ourselves, our partners, and our sense of calm. And that’s something you can sign me up for.

And I really can’t wait for spring to come. This year, I plan to have a flower garden, add some shrubs/trees in the yard and also build a deer-proof veggie garden. Plus, I’ve had way more than my fair share of this snow. Winter has officially overstayed its welcome in my world.

In other news, I’ve been trying to teach myself about investing, primarily because I’m curious by nature and enjoy a good mental challenge, and also because I’ve been exploring the though of making more passive income (is that considered passive income? I’m not sure). I’ve found this app to be a very useful beginner’s guide - it’s helping me wrap my mind around all the different terms and approaches.

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
—Kahlil Gibran

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