June | Rebirth And Rejuvenation


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PAST MONTH Reflections:

I'm so very excited that springtime is underway, because this winter was long and arduous, and I'm not sure I could physically handle anymore snow. May sent us a few nice days, paired with nights that threatened the livelihood of our newly planted flowers and shrubs.


I also hear that seasonal allergies are worse than ever this year, because everything sort of melted at once and began its pollination without waiting. Anyway, outside of being eager to start gardening, here are some thoughts that have been on my mind as of late:

I think everything has its season. Life has chapters that are good, and chapters that are difficult. The only constant is that they're both temporary. And I want to say that I'm due for a good chapter, one in which things will be different, new, and fresh. Or, at least, a little quiet for a change. But I know that's not owed to me, and that I have to get through this regardless. While I hope this season treats us all well, if it doesn't - I hope we can feel better soon.

I know that I’ll be focusing on taking more time to relax, to be kinder to myself, and to keep my hands busy. I’m hoping to grow a lot of veggies on my own this summer - enough to be able to whip up the majority of a meal on a whim. I’ll keep you all posted as to how that turns out!

In terms of reading, I’ve finally finished book 7 of 2019, Joan Didion’s Where I Was From. Though it took me bit longer than I’d care to admit to finish it, I learned a lot about the history of California and I enjoyed how she framed the nuances of where she grew up. The next book I’m planning to tackle is Nora McInerny’s No Happy Endings.

Wishing you all a wonderful month of June, and I’ll catch up soon!

How can you hide from what never goes away?

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