September Dreaming


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Hi there! Hope you've enjoyed your summer and that the past month has treated you well. August has to have been my busiest month of 2017, and let me tell you - September is a very welcomed change. 

This past month, I spent almost a week traveling to + visiting New Brunswick. I was there as a group of eight to celebrate the marriage of two close friends. We spent most of our time in Fredericton, but also visited the Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Rocks, Dennis Beach, Alma's Lobster Shop and Herring Cove. The lovely wedding was held at the Kingswood Park Golf Course and we definitely closed down the party!

While it took 14 hours to get there, Fredericton has a lot of character and is a very welcoming place to visit. Although I have to say I don't miss my ears being constantly blocked due to the marked difference in the city's altitude... 

Only a few days upon returning home from our trip, I was back on the road again to celebrate my younger brother's wedding. This wedding was held at the Kortright Conservation Centre in Vaughan, Ontario. The venue was absolutely beautiful and gave off a rustic, yet elegant, vibe.

And although both weddings were beautiful and a lot of fun, I think all that socializing has made me want to hibernate for at least three to six months. I also reckon that's the perfect energy through which I can welcome the autumn season - is anyone else with me? 

Outside of travelling, I've been focusing a lot on establishing a regular journalling practice. I've also finally been catching up on some reading; I've completed this book and am currently working on this one. 

September has always been an exciting time for me because not only is autumn my absolute fav season (c'mon, sweater weather is the best!) but the "back to school" time is something I always looked forward to during my childhood summers. I can recall getting into arguments with a friend because she used to tell me I was "too excited" for school and was ruining her summer by talking about it. 

In hindsight, a huge part of my desire to be back in school was likely that I adored back to school shopping and couldn't wait to accumulate new pens + stationary. While I did (and still do) love learning, this continued excitement does beg the question: maybe I was always just passionate about writing and lettering?

Either way, I feel most myself and at peace when the air starts to cool down and the greenery starts to fade. I'm most awake and alive during the cool autumn + winter months and I've gotta say, I'm welcoming this fall season with open arms.  But before I get to the monthly lettering + writing recap, here are are some photos I snapped of my New Brunswick trip:








Because it’s even shadier if you can convince her you’re not one. 




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Wishing you a
wonderful September!

With love,